About Us

 Songsmith has no dues for membership. The only requirement is to LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR and become an active part of a team which is committed to a larger vision than individual success.  Based in Texas, Songsmith aims to server as a starting point for talented artist who don't know where to begin in the music business, as well as a place of inspiration, critique and learning for anybody willing to show up and participate. 
Some identifying qualities of our vision are:  

  • Belief that "every city is a Music city" and that it is possible to accomplish our INDIVIDUAL musical goals by WORKING TOGETHER and by cooperation rather than competition.  As we join together to make personal skills and talents available for service, creativity multiples.  The more players on the playing field, the more combinations of creativity and possibility.
  • Belief that our common welfare should come first.  Personal progress for the greatest number depends upon unity.  We believe that a win for one of us is a win for all of us, and will ultimately result in the advancement of Texas Music as a whole.
  • A commitment to EXCELLENCE in the craft of songwriting and CREDIBILITY as professionals in the marketplace and society.  While every song cannot be a worldwide hit, we should be dedicated to continued growth in the craft of songwriting so as to make each song the best it can be and "hit worthy".  The public should view Songsmith as a credible and professional organization known for serious songwriting skills and creative ideas for distribution.
  •  A willingness to implement new ideas by thinking globally and acting locally.  There are no guaranteed specific outcomes for Songsmith.  We believe that the journey IS the destination.  We do the creative footwork as local opportunities arise, without forcing solutions.  The long term results will usually be greater than our short term investments.  We work to be familiar with currect global shifts in music and be "forward thinking" in our creativity.  But, the key here is to always let "our gratitude exceed our expectations"

SONGSMITH MEETS MONTHLY IN SEVERAL CITIES: Dallas /Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Salado.  Please refer to the specific chapter leaders for more information under the Chapters Tab.